2015 1st Quarter JERRY DALE HARRIS News!

2015 first quarter news!

Jerry Dale Harris signed a two year contract with the Independent Ear record label based out of Rockford Illinois which will lead them well into 2017!

Jerry Dale Harris traveled to Los Angeles in January 2015 to record his debut full length album of professionally produced acoustic based music. Producer Alex Kane (Richie Ramone/Life Sex and Death/Antiproduct) is at the helm of this soon to be classic album titled “Modus Operandi” which is a true representation of Jerry Dale Harris’ spirit and style. The album was produced in a minimalistic fashion highlighting the singer/songwriter in a very sincere and honest light. The genres reflected on this album are Alternative, Adult Alternative, Indie and Acoustic Rock.

Jerry Dale Harris will soon be releasing the Experior album which features full band, experimental and  electronic rock tracks. This album has been in the works since late 2013. Originally planned as a 6 song EP of new material; the release will also feature 8 remastered songs, previously available on independent self released EP’s from 2004 to 2012 that are no longer in production.

Independent Ear will be releasing the Jerry Dale Harris discography worldwide digitally through Bandcamp, ReverbNation, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more! Physical copies will be available on CD and very limited quantities are planned to be released on cassette and vinyl in the coming year!

Besides this years new releases “Modus Operandi” and “Experior”, Independent Ear will be re-releasing “Live at Take 20″and “Electric Head”. They will also release “Live Demo Takes 1 & 2” (two remastered albums now on 1 CD!)

Jerry Dale Harris and Independent Ear will be using Sound Cloud to release various exclusive live tracks and demo tracks as well as the normal releases!

Planned for a 2016 release is “Acoustic Stories Vol 1 & 2” which will feature previously released volume one featuring Matt Roberts and a new record “volume two featuring a special guest TBA”

Jerry Dale Harris has joined BMI and is entering the world of licensing. It’s a tough market, but we’ve got everything lined up. We have the music, now we just need the music producers, artists and tv/film producers to “discover” his work and believe in the songs enough to put it to good use.

Jerry Dale Harris founded J.A.M.S.; a songwriters round style stage show which is unlike any other! It has been hailed as a must see show!

Jerry Dale Harris and J.A.M.S. is currently on tour regionally with occasional shows in larger cities around the country. Shows are being booked now and include headlining tour dates, festival dates, high exposure dates, corporate functions and private parties and occasional charity/benefit appearances.

Jerry Dale Harris – Independent Ear Production


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