On October 28th 2016 the album Modus Operandi will be available for FREE digitally at: Fans have the ability to pay for the music if they wish, but Jerry and his record label head Phillip Ryan Block (Independent Ear Records) have decided that finances should not separate the fans from the music! (The entire Jerry Dale Harris and Experior back catalog is currently available for free!)

Jerry Dale Harris was discovered by the legendary Life Sex & Death axe man and Antiproduct mastermind Alex Kane via acoustic demos that were shared on his social media. Alex began mentoring and coaching him, helping to develop Jerry as an artist. Jerry traveled to LA In January of 2015 and began the recording at KSM Studios with Alex Kane at the production helm. The album features Mike Dupke on percussion (ex-John Cougar Mellencamp and ex-W.A.S.P.) and Michael Bradford on bass (ex- Venrez) and was mixed and mastered by Hush Paz. Portions of the album were recorded at Gray Angel Productions Studios in Rockford Illinois.

The albums style or genre is a little tough to pin down. FiveCitiesMedia reviewed the first single The Same Game and had this to say: “…sounds like a songwriter working in earnest with a new (yet subtlety familiar) style. It is evocative of a rock band singer turning the page and toning it down“. The albums music is acoustically based with strong emotional vocals backed by the rhythmic percussion skills of Mike Dupke and the melodic bass lines of Michael Bradford. Michael Bradford stated “All of the songs touched me. They brought something out of me as a bass player and made me reach to do something special”.

Jerry is an acoustically driven singer/songwriter with a classic rock edge. He is currently signed to Independent Ear Records. He was born and raised in Rockford, IL (the home of Rock And Roll Hall of Fame act Cheap Trick). His music is unlike any specific artist. He has managed to create his own brand of original music by drawing upon many influences without replicating them. His roots are in 60’s and 70’s classic rock, pop and country but his tastes have continued to grow through the decades and still do each day.

From classic artists like Uriah Heep, The Beatles, Neil Young, U2 and Johnny Cash to modern artists such as Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, OneRepublic and The Script, Jerry has always been drawn to the story of the song. The story in the lyric is what drives him; the ability to deliver the emotion of each lyric is what makes him. Jerry performs solo, as a duo, a trio and sometimes with a full band depending on the project, tour and schedule.

Jerry has recorded with members of The John Cougar Mellencamp Band, The Miles Nielsen Band, The Kelly Steward Band, The Richie Ramone Band, The Lita Ford Band, The Amboy Dukes, W.A.S.P., Fuel, We Are The Fallen, Methods of Mayhem, Speedgod, Gwen Stacy, Twin Spirits, Hedder, The Pimps, Life Sex & Death, Venrez, Antiproduct, Black Robot, and musicians Alberto Rigoni, George Adrian, Chris Hanebutt, Federico Solazzo, Emily Olsen, and Victoria Mendoza.

Jerry is a seasoned performer who embarked on his first official Midwest tour in April 2016 in support of Jeff Young and Sherri and has played nearly 150 live shows across the United States to date and once in the UK. He has shared the stage with national recording artists Michaela Paige of The Voice, Dilana of Rock Star: Supernova, Jeff Young & Sherri, Mason Reed, Another Lost Year, Shallow Side, Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts, The Adam Ezra Group, Great White, The Last Vegas, Bryan W. and members of L.A. Guns, Anthrax, Photograph, Megadeth, The Pimps and Hedder.



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  1. Jerry was excellent at Town hall sat nite and a cool person can hang with the real peeps cuzz he is one exempt he’s very talented, enjoyed alot, thanks Jerry, im a fan!!

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